This has been a long time coming folks…

Come out and see me and my friends make the SLEEPING BAG come to life.  Huge seven piece band with all the personnel on the record and more.  Don’t miss it!  I don’t know when I’ll be able to share the stage with these talented musicians again.  And don’t forget to pick up a CD at the show.  $5 at the door and a special price of $5 for the full length record SLEEPING BAG, $10 for a CD and a limited edition poster like the one bellow (unless you donated to help me make the record,  then its FREE!).

Hope to see you soon!

9pm Lex Land, 10pm Jordan Moser, 11pm Ghost Wolves!

If you can’t come to the show then you can Buy the record here

Check the Shows page for a performance near you.

9pm Lex Land, 10pm Jordan Moser, 11pm Ghost Wolves!

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visit the music page to hear some of the demos for the record.

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Official record release show in Austin will be May 3rd at Skinny’s Ballroom! see shows for details.

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Record update

Sleeping Bag is almost done. I can’t wait to share it with you all. I’m so happy with it. I’m playing a show the 18th at scoot inn. I’ll be trying to recreate the sounds on the record with a loop station. Eventually I’ll throw a big release show where everyone gets a copy of Sleeping Bag. Stay tuned!

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the record is called ‘Sleeping Bag’

Its gonna be done in two weeks.  Thats all you need to know.  Thanks to everyone who helped me do this and all who have been visiting this website and sending love.Image

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There has been a lot of scheming lately due to the fact that the record is almost finished!  –working on art work –thinking about pressing some vinyl –scheming a summer tour!  Stay posted for record release show some time this winter.

Also, check out the new features on this nifty website.  You can listen to two of my self released EP’s on the Music page and watch some live videos by Allen Furgeson on the Video page.  Enjoy!

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Four songs recorded

plenty of time, path you came here by, dont know why, and coo coo

4 of 12.  the record is one third done! (kind of)

matt and i started on monday and have been working long days over at east austin recording.  the results have been really great.  we are using such amazing gear.  everything in there looks like it was lifted off of a submarine.  despite the archaic and frustrating board things have been cooperating nicely.  i think today is our last day there.  next week we are going to move over to OAM on the east side where Matt’s stuff is living.  it will have a different feel but thats a good thing.  the plan is to continue with a song a day through next wednesday.  Thurday and Friday we’ll hit the simpler stuff.  lex and jeff will get in there and do over dubs and some live songs with me.  From there ill just need to get bob and jon to lay their parts and we are there!

i think this record is going to sound better than i thought it would!

as far as funding goes, i have paid for 70% of the record.  20% of which is due to your donations.  Thank you

i do have 30% ($1,500) left though….  please if you haven’t donated do!, or spread the word to some one who can.

hmmm… which song will it be today?

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