Dear friends, fans and family,

On may 17th I will begin a project that I have dreamed of for many years: recording my first full length album.

As you probably know, I have been writing and recording my songs for many years.  Artistically, I feel as though I am ready to make a fully formed, high fidelity, marketable work.  So, I have decided to take the plunge make an investment in my own music.  I have made a down payment of $2500 to producer Matt Smith of Hot Tracks to secure two weeks of recording at the end of May.  Some of this money I have saved from gigs and residencies I have done around Austin, and the rest I have scraped for personally.

The record will be 12 of my best songs culled from my collection of over 60. Each one will be meticulously arranged and produced by Matt Smith and myself.  We will use Hot Tracks arsenal of vintage microphones, preamps and effects consoles to record the highest fidelity analogue sounds.  I  hope to hire some very talented friends of mine to record as well.  These things all have their cost of course.

I am writing you because you have been a supporter of my music.  I have been very fortunate to have such support.   Projects like these aren’t easily funded, especially by one person.   I need to raise $2800 to pay for the rest of the studio time and hire musicians.  I ask you to consider making a donation towards my album.  For your support I will most certainly list your name in the liner notes, send you a copy of the record when it is pressed and reserve the fondest of places for you in my heart.


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